Khlong San District

Khlong San District
Khlong San District
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If you are looking for location, then Khlong San district in Thailand has what you might just be looking for. The Khlong San district sports some of the most scenic views Bangkok has to offer and is located next to the massive Chao Phraya which runs through Bangkok. Property developments in this part of Bangkok is normal very expensive and usually very high end developments.

Khlong San District Property

Let me put it this way, it’s not the 5,000,000 THB apartments or condominium units you might find in the other districts of Bangkok like property in Chatuchak or property in Chan Kasem. This area is mainly foreign buyers who are looking for high end property developments for investment purposes. One of the most prestigious property developments in recent years had been the Banyan Tree Residences Riverside which had units in the 180,000,000 THB price range.

These had been 4 bedrooms, 420 Sqm developments which worked out to about 430,000 THB per Sqm or about USD 14,000 per Sqm. This development was built on the banks of the mighty Chao Phya river. Many of the developments in this area is built next to the river for its views. Even a small one bedroomed condominium in this area will set you back 17,000,000 THB or about 300,000 THB per Sqm.

Rental in the area might also be an option as the rent varies from 16,000 THB per month to 80,000 THB per month. The range is going to depend on the location and size of the condo unit in Klong San. If we took an example of property in this area, then we can look at an excellent high end development such as an apartment close to the BTS Wongwian Yai would set you back on average about 40,000 THB per month for 86 Sqm which is about 470 THB per month per Sqm.

Your absolutely high-end will set you back 80,000 THB per month for 120 Sqm all fully furnished. Speak to a property lawyer in Thailand about a due diligence when buying property in Thailand and also speak to an investment advisor about your investment view on property.

You will note that foreigners are not allowed to own more than 49% of the condo units in a building. You will need to seek legal advice in this regard.  There are also other issues which will need to be looked at in person such as the location of the building. Not to long back there was an outcry about noise in Bangkok when foreign owner complained about a Buddhist bell being run early morning.

These are things a property report will not tell you or a due diligence study. You will need to look at these issues yourself. Bangkok being Bangkok you will also need to look at traffic congestion in the area where you wish to buy as well as how far you are from the mass transit system.

Again, always take proper legal advice from an attorney in Thailand and a property or financial advisor before you decide to buy property in Thailand. Real estate, any real estate is a long term investment so do your homework beforehand.

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