Khlong Ton Sai District

Khlong Ton Sai District
Khlong Ton Sai District
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The Khlong Ton Sai district in Bangkok is another area which does offer many high-end investment properties. Speak to a property consultant if you are looking for any projects in the area and speak to a property attorney in Thailand for advice on buying or renting property as a foreigner in this area. The area is located next to the Khlong San district which is also located on the banks of the Chao Phraya river.

Khlong Ton Sai District Real Estate

One of the largest and most prestigious projects had been done by Raimond Land called the “The River” which was built on the banks of the Chao Phraya river. There is also mass transit in this district being the Krung Thon Buri BTS sky train system as well as Pho Nimit and Talat Phlu.

The condominium units in this Khlong Ton Sai District area would normally start at 10,000,000 THB for a 68 Sqm condo to the luxury investment type units at 20,000,000 THB for 98 Sqm. Riverside property comes at a premium price such as units in the Residences Mandarin Oriental which normally hover around the 450,000,000 THB for 700 Sqm with 4 bedrooms.

The rental price at the Residences Mandarin Oriental has averaged out at about 250,000 THB per month for a 2 bed-roomed unit with 55 Sqm of space. Better put the average rental when for about 4,500 Baht per Sqm for rental and about 650,000 THB for purchase. These prices are at the time of writing so the prices will change either up or down in the years ahead.

The median or average price has also changed over the years. For sale in the area the average prices would look like the table at the bottom. You will note that the property has had a slow but certain rise over the four years.

2016 112,000 THB per Sqm
2017 129,000 THB per Sqm
2018 131,000 THB per Sqm
2019 154,000 THB per Sqm

Note that if you are a foreigner that there are restrictions on buying property in Thailand. You will note that foreigners are not allowed to own more than 49% of the condo units in a building and you will need to seek legal advice about this or speak to the property developer in Thailand for more information. Also note that you will need to visit the property and see if the location is right for you and also look at how far from the mass transit system you are as well as the usual Bangkok traffic jams.

Buying property is usually a long term investment and you will need to visiting and view the property before you decide on the furnishings as well as location. Most large projects are done by reputable developers however a due diligence report on the property and developer is a good insurance policy that you might have not overlooked important details. Many investors have lost money before you in Thailand when they purchased property that they did not know was built on government land or the developers simply faded away.

Always take property legal advice when buying real estate in Thailand or the Khlong Ton Sai district in Bangkok.

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