Sathon District

Sathon District
Sathon District
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The area of Sathon in Bangkok is a large area and property prices are going to vary enormously depending on location as well as the type of property development. The Sathon district is twice as large as the Pathum Wan district as well as the Lumphini district. Keep this in mind when looking at property in the Sathon area as there are a number of mass transit stations as well as riverside property which you can be assured is high priced.

Sathon District

One of the largest and most prestigious property developments in Sathon was the Sukhothai Residences where property prices range in the upper 400,000,000 THB per unit. The Sukhothai Residences are located in the Sathon CBD close to the near MRT Lumphini station. The mid-range units are valued at 300,000,000 THB for a two-bedroom unit spanning 488 Sqm. The larger high-end units are four-bedroom units with 1,300 Sqm valued at around 580,000,000 THB or 446,000 THB per Sqm.

The latest developments have also included the Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok at Chao Phraya River which has river views and these units average around 200,000,000 THB for a five-bedroom unit spanning 499 Sqm. This development was built near the BTS Sky-train Saphan Taksin Station which requires a shuttle boat to the mass transit system. The top end units are Sky Mansions which are 2,000 Sqm units.

Rental prices in this are on average have been on a slow uptick but as stated before it is going to depend on where you buy and what type of development this is going to be. There are other smaller lower key developments which are in the 5,000,000 THB price range for around 55 Sqm. The rental market prices can be seen below which is the average rental prices based on property websites in Thailand over the last few years.

Rental Units in Sathon District

September 2016 503 THB per Sqm April 2018 534 THB per Sqm
February 2017 521 THB per Sqm October 2018 567 THB per Sqm
August 2017 543 THB per Sqm January 2019 583 THB per Sqm

You will note that like other districts in Bangkok the rental prices in Sathon tends to follow the sale prices in the area. You can see this by the table below on sale prices in the Sathon area.

Sale Units in Sathon District

September 2016 129,000 THB per Sqm April 2018 130,000 THB per Sqm
February 2017 136,000 THB per Sqm October 2018 130,000 THB per Sqm
August 2017 134,000 THB per Sqm January 2019 139,000 THB per Sqm

Sale prices in the Sathon area has shown slow growth over the last few years. There had been many high-end developments however because the area is so large these property developments in the Sathon district tend to average out with the bulk of midrise, lower-key property developments in the area.

Note that foreigners are only allowed to own 49% of the condominium units in Thailand so speak to an attorney in Thailand about these restrictions and also ensure that you have a due diligence report done on any property you do buy in Thailand. There have been instances where people have lost their investment as developments had been done on government land or that certain processes had not been followed.

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