Thung Wat Don District

Thung Wat Don District
Thung Wat Don District Property
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The Thung Wat Don district area of Bangkok is part of the Sathorn district. There are three segments to the Sathorn property market. This is Thung Wat Don being in the center and Thung Maha Mek property to the West of the district. There is no mass transit system running through the Thung Wat Don area and property prices are mixed. You can see the other districts in Bangkok for more information.

Thung Wat Don District Property

One of the best known projects for middle class Thai citizens had been the Blossom Condo project with property prices in the range of 3,000,000 THB for a one-bedroom unit with 37 Sqm of space. The development was built 900 meters from Surasak BTS. The development was sold as being a green project as they built the project around a large garden. The look is very modern and elegant when looking at other property developments. Many of the newer projects in Thailand are also taking a greener approach in their designs and layouts.  The Knightsbridge Prime Sathorn development was a high-rise in Thung Wat Don.

The units in this building was done over two floors as these are becoming more common in Thailand offering a second floor with an open plan lounge below. These designs are also more common in new property development projects. Property in this project was in and around 7,000,000 THB for a one-bedroom condominium unit with 44 Sqm of space. This project was built near the BTS Chong Nonsi sky-train station.

Rental Units in Thung Wat Don district

September 2016 416 THB per Sqm April 2018 384 THB per Sqm
February 2017 380 THB per Sqm October 2018 403 THB per Sqm
August 2017 372 THB per Sqm January 2019 411 THB per Sqm

You will note that like other districts in Bangkok the rental prices in Sathon tends to follow the sale prices in the area. You can see this by the table below on sale prices in the Sathon area have fluctuated while the rentals saw a steady increase over the years.

Sale Units in Thung Wat Don district

September 2016 107,000 THB per Sqm April 2018 116,000 THB per Sqm
February 2017 108,000 THB per Sqm October 2018 107,000 THB per Sqm
August 2017 110,000 THB per Sqm January 2019 114,000 THB per Sqm

Note that foreigners are not allowed to own more than 49% of the units in a property project. You will need to tell this to the developer beforehand so that they allocate property for you in this regard. This is important if you are buying off plan. Note that you should speak to a property lawyer in Thailand with regards to this when you ask for a due diligence report on the property you wish to buy. They will be able to give you proper legal advice and assistance.

If you are looking at investment property, then speak to a financial adviser or financial consultant before you buy property in Thailand. The Thai property market and laws do change so look into this before you decide to buy. Property flipping in Thailand can be expensive as the government charges more transfer taxes on buildings that have not been in the previous owner’s hands for longer than five years.

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