Yan Nawa District Property

Yan Nawa District Property
Yan Nawa District Property
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The Yan Nawa district in Bangkok is a large district next to the Sathorn district in Bangkok. Property adverts do overlap between Sathorn property and property in Yan Nawa. There is no mass transit in the area however it has one of the largest river frontage for property in Bangkok. Safe to say that you will find many high-end developments in Yan Nawa on the river frontage.

Property in Yan Nawa District 

The Pano Rama 3 is one of these developments in Yan Nawa. These units tend to be very stunning as they have Panoramic Chaopraya River views as well as city views. Property prices here of cause are going to be for the high-end market with units selling for about 50,000,000 THB with three-bedrooms and 300 Sqm of living space. These units have unblocked views of the river and the property development was built right on the bend of the Chaopraya River which gets good views and excellent resale values. There are smaller one-bedroom units and about 25,000,000 THB and many would view this as a good long term investment.

Other developments close to the river such as the U Delight Residence Riverfront has smaller units aimed mainly at the Thai middle class. These units had been going at 3,000,000 THB for 34 Sqm and one-bedroom. It is close to the Pano Rama 3 but on average it is much more affordable but also much smaller, however many of the units do come with a river view at a very reasonable price. These units are located in an excellent area if you are looking for river views or city views at night.

Rental prices in this area one would consider to be very flat on average however sale prices have seen a steady but strong increase over the years. One would consider this area because it is far from mass transit to not have a very high rental demand for the average person and would mainly be as a second home away from home.

Rental Units in Yan Nawa district

September 2016 366 THB per Sqm April 2018 378 THB per Sqm
February 2017 365 THB per Sqm October 2018 394 THB per Sqm
August 2017 372 THB per Sqm January 2019 390 THB per Sqm

You will note that like other districts in Bangkok the rental prices in Sathon tends to follow the sale prices in the area. You can see this by the table below on sale prices in the Yan Nawa district area have fluctuated while the rentals remained flat over the years.

Sale Units in Yan Nawa district

September 2016 81,000 THB per Sqm April 2018 85,000 THB per Sqm
February 2017 86,000 THB per Sqm October 2018 87,000 THB per Sqm
August 2017 86,000 THB per Sqm January 2019 90,000 THB per Sqm

Before you purchase property in Yan Nawa or any real estate in Thailand, it is always best to speak to an investment adviser and a property lawyer in Thailand. Laws do change in Thailand so does the property market. Note that property flipping is discouraged by the government by charging extra taxes on the transfer if you have not held the property for a few years. Note this also when buying property.

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