Since you are looking for real estate in Thailand which is a foreign country, you will need an expert to assist you with your options. A property lawyer in Thailand knows how to communicate with property owners in Thai and they are more familiar with the prospect areas. Having someone to consult with saves you time in choosing and viewing properties within your price range. Purchasing property in Thailand directly from developers will not save you money compared to buying it from a property agent.

Real Estate in Thailand

Usually, quality properties in Thailand are offered at a fixed price by the seller, and the best benefit you can get from a property agent is that they will act as a liaison between you and the property seller. The property agent will obtain a fair price for you and act on your behalf according to your best interest. Buying property in Thailand should be carefully planned. You need to know the proper legal process in Thailand for foreigners in acquiring properties. Prior to signing any contract or deposit agreement, it is highly recommended to discuss these matters with a lawyer or solicitor.

A foreigner in Thailand may only own a condominium under his or her name, and if the foreigner wishes to acquire land wherein to be build a house, a long term lease on the land should be obtained. The foreigner should be the one applying for the construction permit to be able to build the house under their own name, and secure a long term lease on the land.

The lease can be drafted with an option to transfer to another person, in case you are selling, and the option to sublease with a purchase option. This being said, the lease is therefore the most common legal process for a foreigner to obtain property in Thailand. Always take proper advice when it comes to real estate in Thailand.

The title deed recorded at the Land Department should be examined thoroughly. You need to make sure that the seller has a clear and legal title of the property prior to engaging into a contractual agreement. The title search would trace the land to its first possession, and it will uncover further registered interests of the land such as mortgages. This will also verify the right to have access to your property like; residential zoning, the environmental and planning codes which are applicable in the area making sure that you can build a structure on the land. Speak to a lawyer in Bangkok about real estate in Thailand.